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Add Some Life to Your Winter Home!

Summer’s glorious floral displays have been replaced by fiery autumn leaves, and we all know
what’s right around the corner: Less daylight, longer nights, cooler temperatures, and very few
plants and trees offering any signs of life and cheer.

If you’re one of those people who dreads winter because you truly benefit from the colorful
warmth of live plants, don’t despair. You can still enjoy some varieties of plant life all through the
winter months, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor plants: Unless you live in an area that stays warm all year, you’re probably spending a lot of time indoors during the winter months, anyway, so take advantage of available potted
plants that will add life and warmth to any indoor space. Just make sure they are placed where
they can get plenty of sunlight, and read the care instructions thoroughly. One very popular idea
is to “force bulbs” during winter months, such as hyacinth, paper whites, and amaryllis.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, one other choice is, of course, placing fresh floral
arrangements in a vase to cheer up your home. Here’s a tip to cut down on the cost of buying
floral bouquets: Choose an arrangement that includes some greenery that will last for several
weeks, and simply change out the flowers as they fade and need to be removed.

Potted outdoor plants: For a quick fix now, check with a local nursery to find out what kinds of plants will do well in your region over the winter months, and create potted arrangements that
will add a pop of color to your front porch, the entryway to your home, or your back patio/deck.

Garden plants and trees: If you want to plan for the long run, there are several varieties of plant life that not only thrive during winter months, but also bear colorful flowers or fruit, even in
very cold weather: Boxwood, snowdrop, witch hazel, winterberry, kale, pansies, and sweetbox
are just a few examples of hardy plants that can tolerate severe weather, as well as evergreens
and alpine floral varieties.

So, don’t let the cold and dark of winter keep you from enjoying the warmth and joy that plants
can bring you all year long!

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