See What Judah Realty Clients are Saying

Made the home-buying process enjoyable

Freddy is man of integrity and will stand by your side from start to finish. I have heard so many horror stories about buying your first house, but Freddy made the process enjoyable. Freddy was adamant about not just helping me buy a house but wanted it to be a learning experience so I understood the process. I recommend Freddy to all my friends and family and look forward to working with again.

Cares about his clients

Freddy comes highly recommended for many reasons. He has an impressive work ethic, is highly professional and driven, and truly cares about his clients. He worked with us through a difficult home sale and went above and beyond to ensure success for all parties involved. I would not hesitate to work with Freddy again and have recommended him to friends. Thank you Freddy!

Highly skilled

When I needed to move to Arizona to help aging patents, Freddie faithfully nursed my short-sale through all the ups and downs of that process, allowing me to focus on family concerns.

I am very grateful to him, but more than that I respect him. You will be very happy if he becomes your agent.

The very beest in the real estate market

If you plan to have the very best in the real estate market you need Freddy M. Delgadillo on your team.

My wife and I have bought and sold with Freddy's help and our experience has always been exceptional. Freddy doesn't just meet you at a house you want to view and show you around, he will take time to understand the full picture of who you are and what type of house has the most potential for meeting your needs and desires.

Freddy goes beyond showing houses, he teaches you the business of real estate, shows you all the data, and explains the influences within the market. Our experiences with Freddy have allowed my wife and I to become very educated about real estate in our area and highly confident about the entire process.

We are a younger family and have several friends who have ventured out into the housing market for the first time. As we share our buying/selling stories with others we are always struck by how luxurious our experience sounds compared with others.

When you work with Freddy you are not working with the average/typical agent. You are working with someone who has a black belt in real estate with a record of volume and success that speaks for itself. The main difference with Freddy is that his number one goal is the highest success of his clients. When you work with Freddy you are the highest priority regardless of your budget or timeline.

If you are looking to partner with the absolute best Real Estate Professional on the Eastside, look no further than Freddy Delgadillo.

Highly skilled

Freddy is an amazing broker. Not only is he highly skilled in the transactional side of the real estate industry, he is also excellent with people. This allows Freddy to work seamlessly with all personality types and close deals that are extremely difficult or next to impossible. Freddy effectively managed our rigorous short sale purchase for 8 months, allowing us to close the deal on our dream house with thousands of dollars in instant equity. We are thankful for his services and would gladly recommend him to family and friends

Epitome of professionalism, humility and care

Freddy is the epitome of professionalism, humility and care.

Especially when we went through some disappointments from potential buyers, Freddy proactively set out to successfully sell our home -- even in the middle of winter...a typically low buying season!

We highly recommend Freddy Delgadillo to everyone.

Penultimate professional

The penultimate professional. There are only a small handful of individuals in this world that can truly shape and mold an experience so that it becomes a lifelong memory. Having Freddy on your side is like having the buying power of Costco, or the selling power of the Seahawks Team Store, you have an edge that no one else has. I'm in the "sales" industry as well, and can attest to how much work it takes to truly set yourself apart from the competition, Freddy is relentless in his pursuit to make the buying or selling process different than the norm. Kudos to Judah Realty and Freddy!

Family oriented service

Friendly, family oriented service. In all my real estate dealings have never dealt with anyone more professional. I highly recommend Freddy for all your real estate dealings!

Diligent and committed

I hired Freddy because he sold me my first home seven years ago. I gave him my word to have him help me in selling and buying my next home. He is very diligent, committed and does what he says he's going to do.

Works with integrity

Freddy helped me buy an investment property and then helped to quickly get it occupied with tenants. He's in the business for the long haul and works with great integrity. I highly recommend him whether you are a buyer, seller or investor. He knows the business and delivers on all his commitments.

Made our dream come true

Freddy was instrumental to making our dream come true of purchasing our family home, he was diligent, resourceful, reluctant, and a true customers’ advocate. The experience of buying a house can be pretty stressful and you need as much help and as many people buy your side as possible that can make this process easier to deal with. Fred made this process way easer and fun. We could not have done it without his help. Thank you Fred!

Expert in short sales

Freddy is an expert agent in short sales. He was fantastic and helped us through a very difficult short sale of our house in Seattle. He explained to us the process and how to proceed through each step. He had great insight into how the banks work in these situations and worked with us to craft a strategy to get the short sale through. With his vast experience he had developed working relationships with many of the local and national banks and their officers. This really helped his clients get the best treatment.

I also like Freddy's attitude. He is always positive and energetic even when things got difficult. He works incredibly hard to have you and your family as a client for life not just one sale.

I would highly recommend Freddy if you are in similar short sale situation or in need of an agent with the knowledge, service and expertise he can provide.

Top notch realtor with years of experience

Freddy is a top notch realtor in our area with years of experience and expertise. He is highly knowledgeable as well as personable and genuine. He listens to his clients, cares about their needs in a home, and operates his business with great integrity.

Attentive to all our needs

Freddy is incredibly knowledgeable about all areas. He is very attentive to all our needs. He is not pushy as others seem to only care about the commission. Fred has helped us 3 times and he is the only realtor I would ever use in the greater Seattle area. Fred is highly recommended

Expert in his field

Freddy is an expert in his field. We have bought and sold with him three times and cannot recommend him highly enough. He takes the time to fully educate you on the process so you can make a fully informed decision.

Exceeded my expectations

I had the opportunity to work with Freddy through a trusted recommendation. Working with Freddy was easy and I was absolutely blown away at how well he got my condo ready for market. The staging and photos were just awesome. It's very rare that a professional will exceed my expectations and Freddy did. Of course, we got a lot of interest and an offer!

Reliable service

Freddy partnered with me to find my 1st home as a young professional and due to his reliable service I partnered with him when it came time to sell my condo and relocate my growing family. Freddy is honest, reliable, timely and a great person to work with.

Best I've ever come across

As a lender, I work with many real estate agents. Freddy is by far one of the best I've ever come across. He has the utmost integrity and always puts the client's needs first. He is a master negotiator, and has a solid & proven track record of successful short sale listing negotiations... over & over & over. Where others can take months, Freddy only takes a matter of days for lender approvals and then everyone can move forward to a successful closing. As a buyer's agent for our clients, Freddy again is a negotiation master, finding the great properties that truly meet the client's needs, and helping them get it at a great value. I never hesitate to refer a hard earned client to Freddy, knowing that they will truly be in great hands.

Answered all my questions

I had the pleasure to have Freddy handle the short sale of my home. It was a sad time for me personally but Freddy was a tremendous help. He was considerate and emotionally there for me - he understood the feelings I was going through. He did a wonderful job marketing my home and it sold quickly to the third person who viewed it. He has continued to be there for me to answer questions I have regarding the sale. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for great advice and knowledgeable answers to all questions regarding real estate needs. Thank you Freddy.

Confident, honest and knowledgeable

I met Freddy at one of his open houses in my neighborhood. Seeing the trend of rising sales in Kirkland, we decided to list our home. After interviewing a few other agents, we decided to go with Freddy. He was confident, honest, and knowledgeable. He said he would do whatever it takes to sell our home at a price I wanted, and he did. Our house sold in about a week, above asking price. I enjoyed working with Freddy and would use him again in the future.

Understands the local real estate market

We had Freddy sell our house and what most impressed us was his understanding of the local real estate market and his vast knowledge of the banking and loan industries. He sat down with us for over 3 hours and patiently answered question after question that we had regarding the sale of our house. He's a savvy marketer and knows what will get a property sold. All our neighbors were impressed at how many people came to see our house in one weekend, how many offers we had, and how quickly it sold. We have recommended him over and over to our friends and family and have never been disappointed. We highly recommend him!

Exceptional service

We have known Freddy for over 10 years and have had the blessing of being both friends and clients of his. Freddy has always provided exceptional service as a realtor to our family and those that we have recommended to him. He is prompt, professional, knowledgeable and honest. We highly recommend Freddy M. Delgadillo for all of your Real Estate needs! He gets the job done well!

Very very good at what he does

I was introduced to Freddy via an intermediary. I actually never met Freddy face to face. He was the broker for my property in a short sale transaction. As in any short sale there were many hurdles that needed to be overcome. From dealing with two lenders, to having multiple buyers drop out, Freddy kept his calm and continued the process. He was confident in himself and his team and proved to be very correct. His perserverence and knowledge in this space was outstanding. I know I sound like Freddy's biggest fan but I can confidently state that without him on the case, the house would heve been foreclosed. This guy is very very good at what he does...period!!

Quickly delivered the desired result and then some

In summer 2014 my partner and I hired Freddy to sell 2 new homes we built in the Highlands neighborhood in Kirkland, WA. The houses represented a new standard of premium quality in the neighborhood, which would require expanding traditional market price boundaries. In Freddy we found an exceptionally skilled realtor at the absolute top of his game, someone with a rare combination of the professional and interpersonal skills needed to (re-)educate both the local professional real estate community and buyers about the true nature of a home's value. Freddy quickly delivered the desired result and then some: the houses sold within 10 days of hitting the market, at truly market-expanding prices, and closed within 30 days after that.

Freddy is great to work with. He has a great eye for detail, but takes feedback very well in those (very rare) instances where he's overlooked something. He brought several outstanding marketing ideas to the table, some of which drew on his contacts with local sports celebrities and other people of interest to brokers and potential buyers -- but also incorporated additional elements into the plan based on input from me and my partner. Although Freddy has a great sense of confidence, he is not arrogant or ego-driven. I observed this over and over as he dealt with brokers, potential buyers and their agents, and inspectors.

The interaction I've had with Freddy after our business concluded emphasizes the positive experience I had working with him. I don't get any impersonal "please pick me if you want to sell your home" mass mailings from him. Instead, I get occasional but meaningful, personal contact from a deeply community-minded person, for example asking which charity to which he can donate a Thanksgiving turkey on my behalf.

Freddy Delgadillo is a truly class act and I would eagerly work with him again in a heartbeat.

Amazing marketing

Freddy provided us results with his marketing materials... and spending time at our home doing open houses. He always answers his phone. He sold our house in a tough real estate market.

Integrity and professionalism

Knowledge of the ins and outs of buying and selling homes in today's market. INTEGRITY, DILIGENCE, PROFESSIONALISM.

When I needed to move to Arizona to help aging patents, Freddy faithfully nursed my short-sale through all the ups and downs of that process, allowing me to focus on family concerns.

I am very grateful to him, but more than that I respect him. You will be very happy if he becomes your agent.

Personal family approach

When I told Freddy that I was interested in buying a home, my vision of what that looked like quickly grew to so much more. It went from what seemed to be a good idea, to more and more dreams for my future. Freddy took a personal, but even more importantly, family approach to my life. It was more than purchasing a home, it was preparing for my future.