Judah Realty Corporate Relocation Services

moving in the seattle area
Moving from across the country to another city can take a toll – especially if you are not familiar with the new city. And purchasing a home in the wrong neighborhood can have a huge financial, as well as social impact on you and your family. So if you are getting ready to move to the Seattle / Eastside area, having a relocation expert on your side can make all the difference in the world.

Simplifying the relocation process for you and your family

We understand how important good communication, accurate pricing and professional marketing can be during the relocation process. At Judah Realty, we offer the advantage of a single office with ‘hands-on’ service and a sincere commitment to providing the highest quality of service to those moving to and from the Seattle/Eastside area.

Because of our single office concept, we have the ability to know who is available to give a total focus to you, to form a coherent team – not manage from a distance.

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